Third party liability insurance

Typical types of damage:

  • Direct damages:
    • damage ofa person's health or life (medical expenses, funeral expenses, compensation for injury, for disfigurement, disability);
    • damage or destruction ofproperty (property repair expenses, reimbursement expenses of the property value loss at the time).
  • Consequent damages:
    • damageof a person's health or life or property damage, or destruction consequences (loss of wage, unearned income, compensation for the loss of breadwinner, the necessary rehabilitation expenses after injuries, etc.).
  • Finacial damages:
    • damages thatare neither personal health or life losses, nor property damage or destruction, or neither of the previously mentioned consequent damages.

The most common types of TPL insurance:

  • Private TPL insurance:
    • the daily risks and activities that are not related to your professional activities or income generation. For example, a liability as an apartment or a house owner, as the bicyclist responsibility for minors, etc.
    • useful for all individuals and one policy can insure the whole family.
  • Apartment/ house owner, tenant's TPL insurance:
    • Responsibility as an apartment or a house tenant. For example, a fire was caused and as put it out the neighbors were flooded. On the other hand, if a tenant's liability is insured – insurance protection covers the damage of the apartment owner.
    • Useful for tenants and owners who do not have a private CLI.
  • Building’s,the land's owner or keeper TPL insurance:
    • The responsibility of building, the land's owner. For example, the falling icicles and snow, slippery pavement.
    • Useful for owners and managers of rental buildings.

Benefits of ERGO third party liability insurance:

  • A wide range of insurance risk coverage based on your personality, occupation and other aspects, create the most appropriate third party liability insurance for you. For example, even if you managed to flood the neighbors, if someone got injury in the street that is under your management, your child damaged goods at the store, etc..
  • Full responsibility, do not torment yourself for the failure and random errors, especially when its probability is high! We will take full responsibility for the losses you caused.

You can purchase ERGO CLI insurance policy in the nearest to you ERGO office, where our insurance specialist will assist in drawing the TPL insurance policy best matching your needs, or by calling our client help line 1887, where ERGO specialists will provide you with a 24/7 informative support.

We, ERGO insurance specialists, will help to maintain peace and good relations in situations when due to the failure circumstance coincidence you have caused damage to another person – a friend, neighbor, colleague, etc.

We,ERGO specialists, on the basis of our experience and knowledge, can help you not to suffer a financial loss in situations when due to an accident or a logical reason you directly or indirectly caused injury to another person or his/her property.

What to do in the case of an accident?

  • Assess the situation and do everything reasonably possible to mitigate consequences of the accident.
  • Retain all documents that confirm the case of insurance.
  • As soon as possible contact ERGO insurance specialists and notify on occurrence of insurance claim, using the 24/7 clients help line 1887.
  • Turn to any ERGO office and presenting the required documents, demand a damage claim.

We, ERGO specialists, will do our best in order to make the process of damage reimbursement faster and more convenient for any damage that you have caused to another person or his/her property!