Property insurance

Risks that are insured by ERGO property insurance for insurance of premises and buildings:

  • Fire, explosion, direct strike by lightning, crash of guided aircraft, its part or cargo;
  • Water main, heat and sewer system failure, including water main breaks caused by frost;
  • Natural disasters – flood, storm, hail, heavy snow load, earthquake;
  • Illegitimate activity of third parties.

Benefits of ERGO property insurance:

  • We also offer insurance for auxiliary buildings together with the main building, as well as other components of the building plot – lighting, post boxes, fences, etc.;
  • We will reimburse transport costs from travel, if your presence is required in the case of an accident;
  • We will also reimburse damages that are caused by power surges from lightning;
  • We will take care of fallen trees and branches from storms on your property, or remove or renew the damaged greenery;
  • We will reimburse the foregone rent incomes if in the result of accident your property has become uninhabitable;
  • We will reimburse damage for the building’s or premises’ glazing, if it is accidentally broken, etc.

We, ERGO specialists, on the basis of our experience and knowledge, can help your company not to suffer a financial loss.

What to do in the case of accident?

  • Assess the situation and do everything reasonably possible to mitigate consequences of the accident.
  • Retain all documents that confirmthe case of insurance.
  • As soon as possible contact ERGO insurance specialists and notify on occurrence of insurance claim, using the 24/7 clients help line 1887.
  • Turn to any ERGO office and presenting the required documents, demand a damage claim.

We, ERGO specialists, will do our best in order to make the process of damage reimbursement faster and more convenient for any damage that your company has caused to another person or his/her property!