Private Clients

Vehicle insurance

To insure is to understand. Through our experience and knowledge we offer you the path to your ideal insurance. Read more

Accident insurance

ERGO personal accident insurance – will provide financial protection to you and your family in cases of personal accidents. It also serves as additional security to the bank’s loan. Read more

Third party liability insurance

We understand that the causes of mistakes may be numerous humanly excuses, but not always ''Please forgive!'' is sufficient. The ERGO third party liability insurance enables you to correct mistakes and learn from them without suffering any financial loss. Read more

Property insurance

ERGO property insurance – for flats, buildings and personal belongings – will provide remuneration required for repairs or property restoration in full, as well as covering required costs for restoration or purchase of the insured property. Read more

Life insurance

ERGO life insurance is an investment to make your life your wealth and pride – save for education of your children, for prosperous old age, for covering your credit liabilities. Read more

Cargo insurance

To insure is to understand. We understand how important is the transported cargo safe arrival to the chosen destination, and we are confident that we can provide you a financial protection during the transportation. Read more

Travel insurance

To insure is to understand. We understand that travel is supposed to be careless and beautiful moments of your life, and we know how to make that happen – with ERGO you can enjoy your travel free from any worries and according to your plans! Read more

Health insurance

ERGO health insurance provides reimbursement of patient fee, paid in-patient and out-patient services, as well as compensation for personal accidents in the territory of Latvia and outside of it. ERGO health insurance allows every individual to take personal care for the own health.

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