Cargo insurance

ERGO cargo insurance – safely to your destination! To insure is to understand. We understand how important is the transported cargo safe arrival to the chosen destination, and we are confident that we can provide you a financial protection during the transportation. ERGO cargo insurance covers losses of a variety cargo damages or loss.

Cargo and trucking insurance covers the losses incurred due to the following accidents:

  • vehicle accident;
  • a natural disaster;
  • fire or explosion;
  • theft or theft attempt, robbery, vandalism;
  • cargo damage due to careless behavior of other specific cases.

Benefits of ERGO cargo insurance:

  • Wide range of insurance risk – protects cargo from both common and specific risks impact, for example, natural disasters, theft and cargo damage due to careless behavior. It is also possible to choose to purchase insurance coverage in accordance with the ICC (International cargo insurance regulations).
  • Easy and fast prescribed cargo insurance policy payments – by mail or e-mail.

You can purchase ERGO cargo insurance policy in the nearest to you ERGO office, where our insurance specialist will assist in drawing the cargo insurance policy best matching your needs, or by calling our client help line 1887, where ERGO specialists will provide you with a 24/7 informative support.

We, ERGO insurance specialists, will help you to deliver the cargo to your destination without unnecessary worries and unexpected damage!

None of us is protected against unpleasant surprises or unexpected problems, but we, ERGO specialists, on the basis of our experience and knowledge can help you not to suffer a financial loss in situations when being faced with unexpected obstacles during the cargo transportation.

What to do in the case of an accident?

  • Act according to the instructions referred to in your company ERGO cargo insurance policy.
  • As soon as possiblecontact with the ERGO insurance professionals and notify on occurrence of insurance claim from 08.30 to 17.00 in working days using phone number 6 7081768, at weekends and holidays contact with Lars KROGIUS (Surveyor) representative on the 24/7phone 6 7509590
  • Do everything reasonably possible to preventor mitigatefurtherloss and in cases of traffic accident, fire, theft, burglary or vandalism report to the competent authority – the police, firefighters, etc.
  • For more detailed information you should call the ERGO customer support phone 1887 at any time.

ERGO specialists will do their best in order to make the process of damage reimbursement faster and more convenient for any damage that you have incurred during transportation!