Accident insurance

ERGO personal accident insurance – protection in unexpected cases! To insure is to understand. Experience teaches us that various unpleasant events sometimes occur to every one of us, therefore by insuring against personal accidents, you will timely obtain protection for yourself and your family against unplanned expenses occurring as a result of personal accidents.

Personal accidents insurance covers losses occurring as a result of personal accidents:

  • in the cases of injuries;
  • in the cases of broken bones;
  • in the cases of temporary disability;
  • for every day spent as an in-patient;
  • in the case of disability;
  • in the case of death.

Benefits of ERGO personal accident insurance:

  • Create a personal accident insurance policy best suited for you by choosing sum insured and by combining risks according to your preferences and experience.
  • Insurance protection is everywhere in the world or, if you chose so, only in the territory of Baltic countries.
  • Upon payment of insurance indemnity the sum insured remains unchanged until the end of policy period.
  • Special discounts for family insurance or for groups of several persons, also for insurance of four and more risks.
  • Insurance is available also for professional sportsmen and persons older than 75 years of age.
  • In the cases of broken bones, indemnity is paid for several breaks, etc.

You can purchase ERGO personal accident insurance policy in the nearest to you ERGO office, where our insurance specialist will assist in drawing the personal accident insurance policy best matching your needs, or by calling our client help line 1887, where ERGO specialists will provide you with a 24/7 informative support.

In every unfortunate event you can find some fortune. How – find out by enjoying benefits provided by your ERGO personal accident insurance policy.

What to do in the case of an accident?

  • Assess the situation and do everything reasonably possible to mitigate consequences of the accident.
  • Retain all documents evidencing occurrence of insurance case.
  • As soon as possible contact ERGO insurance specialists and notify on occurrence of the accident over the phone 1887.
  • Turn to any ERGO office and report losses by presenting all required documents.

ERGO specialists will do everything in order to reimburse your losses resulting from the accident as fast and convenient as possible!