ERGO insurance for businesses

ERGO offers a wide range of insurance options for businesses. Insure means to understand. Therefore, we offer a wide range of insurance risk coverage, convenient and quick process of applying for and receiving indemnity, informative support for clients and always responsive insurance specialists.

Vehicle insurance

To insure is to understand. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we offer your company a diverse and smart insurance for your company fleet. Read more

Accident insurance

To insure is to understand. Experience teaches us that various unpleasant events sometimes occur to every one of us, therefore by insuring employees of your company you can plan company finances better. Read more

Third party liability insurance

We understand that mistakes and failures can happen even with professionals and industry leaders, therefore with the ERGO third party liability insurance you can successfully correct the mistakes and learn from them without any loss. Read more

Property insurance

Property insurance provided by ERGO for various assets – commercial areas, buildings and other property used in business activities – will provide indemnity necessary for repair works or full reinstatement of the property, as well as cover expenses required for reinstatement or acquisition of replacement for the insured property. Read more

Life insurance

We understand that productive work is based on trust in main human values – life, security, own wellbeing and care for a family. With ERGO life insurance you are motivating your employees and invest in productive operations and successful development of your company. Read more

Travel insurance

To insure is to understand. We understand that business travel is supposed to lead to successful meetings and new business opportunities, therefore with ERGO business travel of your employees can be insured according to requirements of your company. Read more

Health insurance

ERGO health insurance for corporate clients – that is an opportunity to facilitate development and growth of the company by providing additional motivation to employees. Read more

Cargo insurance

To insure is to understand. We understand that cargo transportation is an integral part of your company work, and we know how important for your company its safe delivery into the chosen destination is. Read more

Technical risks insurance

We understand that a variety of technical equipment provides success of your business and we know how important is the belief that this equipment will make profit, rather than a loss. Read more